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Barco is a global technology leader that develops networked visualization solutions for the entertainment, enterprise and healthcare markets. Its solutions make a visible impact, allowing people to enjoy compelling entertainment experiences; to foster knowledge sharing and smart decision-making in organizations and to help hospitals provide their patients with the best possible healthcare.

Model: G100 rigging frame

Rigging frame for the G100 series.
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There's only one display for viewing every type of breast imaging exam. And it's ours!
Posted on Thursday, October 22, 2015

The ability to access any medical image on a single display offers significant benefits, from workflow and clinical perspectives. First of all, it eliminates the need to change workstations to complete patient studies. Additionally, running side-by-side comparisons and image fusions have proven to positively impact diagnostic interpretation. The use of ultrasound in combination with conventional mammography in women with dense breasts, for example, has resulted in better early breast cancer detection.(1) 

That's exactly why Barco engineers spent years researching the best way to enable multi-modality PACS and breast imaging on a single display. This research resulted in the development of Barco's Coronis Uniti display featuring some groundbreaking, revolutionary technologies. 

Now clinically validated for multi-modality breast imaging, Coronis Uniti is the world’s first and only diagnostic display that can be used for both PACS and multi-modality breast imaging, including breast tomosynthesis, 3D mammography, breast MRI and breast ultrasound. The FDA’s new indications for use include breast MRI, breast ultrasound, CT and ultrasound, including vascular and gynecological ultrasound, enabling radiologists to view a host of breast imaging modalities – in color or grayscale, 2D or 3D, static or dynamic – on a single display.

(1)The Royal College of Radiologists: Guidance on screening and symptomatic breast imaging, Third edition