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Barco is a global technology leader that develops networked visualization solutions for the entertainment, enterprise and healthcare markets. Its solutions make a visible impact, allowing people to enjoy compelling entertainment experiences; to foster knowledge sharing and smart decision-making in organizations and to help hospitals provide their patients with the best possible healthcare.

Model: G100 rigging frame

Rigging frame for the G100 series.
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Barco sets the stage with its latest digital cinema technologies at NAB 2015
Posted on Tuesday, April 7, 2015
Rancho Cordova, Ca. USA – 7 April 2015 – Barco, a global leader in visualization technology, will showcase its new digital cinema laser projector, while sharing industry insights at the world’s largest media and entertainment content delivery exhibition, The 2015 NAB Show® held April 11-16 in Las Vegas, Nevada.
Technology Summit on Cinema (TSC) - view the future of cinema today
Industry visionaries will share their knowledge and insights on future digital cinema innovations and demonstrate them on Barco’s flagship DP4K-60L laser projector at the Technology Summit on Cinema: “Building the Future of Storytelling” on Saturday, April 11 and Sunday, April 12. During the two-day conference, presenters will take attendees on a journey through next-gen technology and laser-enabled capabilities, while covering the art and science of storytelling. Key Topics: The future of laser digital projection, Wide Color Gamut, High Dynamic Range, High Frame Rate, Full brightness 3D, Immersive Audio, Distributed Post-Production, covered in a range of sessions, including:

Laser Illuminated Projectors: Out of the Lab, and into the Multiplex
Sun. April 12| 9:45 AM - 10:30 AM | S222
Goran Stojmenovik, PhD.Product Manager Laser Projection for Barco, will demonstrate and explain the benefits of higher brightness, wider color gamut and lower power consumption that new laser-illuminated projectors are delivering, sharing real-life installations that illustrate the benefits and opportunities enabled by these solutions.

Cinema and Virtual Reality: Perfect Together?

Sun. April 12| 5:10 PM - 5:50 PM | S222
Ted Schilowitz, CinemaVangelist for Barco will address virtual reality in cinema.

NMX - New Media Expo
Mon. April 13| 10:30 AM - 11:30 AM | Westgate CR 9
The NMX features some of the most recognized bloggers, podcasters, Web TV content creators and social media visionaries. 

Ted Schilowitz, CinemaVangelist for Barco will present the topic “Why Content Creators Should Care about Virtual Reality.” 

See Barco’s laser-illuminated digital cinema projector deliver a premium experience!

At center stage during the Technology Summit on Cinema will be the Barco DP4K-60L digital cinema laser projector, the brightest and quietest laser projector across the entire spectrum. As a single laser projector offering the ultimate image quality and simplicity, it seamlessly integrates into current systems while enabling exhibitors to decrease operating expenses. See it live in Room S222 at the TSC sessions held April 11-12 at the Las Vegas Convention Center.