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Barco is a global technology leader that develops networked visualization solutions for the entertainment, enterprise and healthcare markets. Its solutions make a visible impact, allowing people to enjoy compelling entertainment experiences; to foster knowledge sharing and smart decision-making in organizations and to help hospitals provide their patients with the best possible healthcare.

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Rigging frame for the G100 series.
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Barco showcases a revolution in the reading room with healthcare imaging innovations at RSNA
Posted on Thursday, November 20, 2014
Duluth, Ga. USA – 20 November – Healthcare visualization expert Barco will demonstrate how it is changing the radiology reading room with its brand new Coronis Uniti™ display system, the only solution that combines PACS and breast images on a single screen to deliver a truly unified workflow. Also at this year’s RSNA, Barco will present its top-of-the-line multi-modality, mammography, general radiology and clinical specialist displays, reflecting its market leadership in enterprise healthcare imaging.

Introducing the Coronis Uniti
With its unparalleled image quality, inventive productivity features, and commitment to ergonomics, the Coronis Uniti display system is Barco’s latest response to specific challenges in modern radiology: increasing image volumes, growing complexity, and occupational discomfort.  It delivers an optimized viewing experience based on a one-of-a-kind form factor that conforms specifically to the radiologist’s natural field of vision. The Coronis Uniti display is also unique in its representation of calibrated color and grayscales, and accommodates both 2D and 3D, static and dynamic images.

“The Coronis Uniti display is the first to deliver on the promise of ‘one display, any image’ for a truly unified workflow, making it a one-time investment that will last a lifetime,” comments Lynda Domogalla, Vice President of Product Marketing for Barco’s Healthcare division.  “Its advanced features boost image quality, productivity and ergonomics, enabling radiologists to diagnose more accurately and work more comfortably for longer reading periods.” 

RSNA attendees are invited to register for a demo to experience how the Coronis Uniti display system is revolutionizing the reading room.

Digital breast tomosynthesis offers proven clinical advantages, ready for reimbursement
Both the Coronis Uniti and the Mammo Tomosynthesis 5MP display systems enable 3D digital breast imaging (tomosynthesis), which is rapidly gaining adoption due to its distinct clinical advantages over 2D imaging in the form of reduced recall rates and increased cancer detection. As recently reported in Aunt Minnie, the U.S. Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) will be issuing payment codes in 2015 to provide reimbursement for tomosynthesis imaging services, with the goal of encouraging implementation by imaging centers.

Connecting the enterprise with smart, diagnostic imaging solutions
Barco will also present several radiologysurgical and clinical specialist display systems, all designed to boost clinical performance and collaboration among healthcare teams.

  • Coronis Fusion 6MP LED is the industry’s leading widescreen, bezel-free display for multi-modality image viewing, fueling your workflow with greater efficiency and comfort.  
  • Mammo Tomosynthesis 5MP delivers up to 4X brightness, rapid, blur-free image cineing, and superior contrast to view the subtlest details, improving early breast cancer detection.
  • Eonis offers the perfect blend of DICOM image quality and versatility in a smart, sleek design – perfect for clinical specialists anywhere in the hospital.